Betty Ford Memorial and substance abuse

There are various Betty Ford memorial which are being hosted for different people. These people are remembered for the great things they did while they were alive. Some of the things she stressed on include the following:

Effects of drug abuse

She argued out that substance abuse has several side effects to those people who are using these substances. These effects range from social, economic and even political. Those people who are addicted to abusing some of the substances tend to spend large sums of money on purchasing these substances. They might not be able to do without such substances. She also advocated for peace between the government and the opposition. This was aimed at seeing a peaceful environment in the country.

Those people who abuse substances take part in many social ills.  This has greatly damaged their relationship with other people. Betty’s emphasize for people to shun away from drug abuse was aimed at mending their relationships and saving their economic status.

Proper use of substances

An abuse takes place when an individual misuses a substance. This substance could either be for medicinal purposes or for any other purpose. This meant that people should stop taking an overdose, taking an under dose and abusing other drugs.

Betty will be remembered for her firm stand against misuse of drugs. She insisted that proper use of these substances will yield several fruits to an individual. According to Betty, adhering to the right prescription was an important part when using drugs.

Those people who organize for Betty Ford memorial should therefore use this opportunity to educate people on why avoiding abuse of drugs and other substances is important. The importance of this will be realized from an individual level, society and country. When people stop abusing substances their living standards will also rise. She is well known all over the world for Betty Ford Center at Rancho Mirage, the treatment center for the alcohol and the chemical dependency, which she founded just after overcoming from her own addiction from painkillers. Weeks after Betty became the First Lady, she then underwent mastectomy for the breast cancer at September, 1974, just after being diagnosed with disease. Ford then decided to stay open about illness because “There was a lot of cover-up during the Watergate, which we wanted to make sure, that there will no cover-up at Ford administration.” Betty openness about cancer as well as treatment raised visibility of the disease that all Americans had been a bit reluctant to speak about. She always wanted to work for some cause and make people aware of the disease and its condition. She was a strong women and that made her very popular, and also she was ready to help people in every way. This fighting for a cause made her very popular and this was an important thing in her life.

As a wife of Gerald R. Betty Ford, nation’s 38th president, Ford was the outspoken advocate for the women’s rights & health.