Betty Ford’s memorial reminds people many things

The life of Betty Ford was unique. As the first lady of the white house, she focused on seeing very many things change in her country. Unlike other people who wants their husbands to head the state, Betty did not want it. When it dawned on her that her husband was the president she set out to doing several things.

She advocated for very many changes in the government. One of the things Betty did was to advise her husband to appoint more women to his government. This brought in the aspect of gender equality which only few people had advocated for. Betty worked hard to bring the country together after several divisions that had been witnessed in the country.

Even though Betty and her husband were serving as political leaders, they saw the need of separating other activities from politics. This could help people distinguish politics from other serious issues in the country. Betty made sure that leadership matters were approached in the right manner so that no citizen would feel that politics had taken charge of everything. The Betty Ford memorial of Betty Ford reminds very many people on how Betty worked hard to fight against drug and substance abuse.

She was genuine especially when addressing several things. There were several people who differed with her ideologies but at least they appreciated that she was genuine with what she was saying. Betty was not too keen to make sure that her words do not bring negative political effects. She opted to do this because of her concern for being genuine.

The way she addressed other social issues in the society also speaks of how genuine she was. She tried to approach them in a unique way which people could differ with. This sets brings her out as a unique woman among many women across the world. Private Betty Ford memorial was held on Tuesday at Palm Desert the former First Lady Carter also was among people delivering eulogies for wife of nation’s 38th president.

The private memorial for the former Lady Betty Ford was held at Palm Desert, with the eulogy being delivered by the former Lady Rosalynn as laid to rest with her husband,. Betty Ford, actually died of the natural causes, and surrounded by the family members in Eisenhower Medical Center at Rancho Mirage. Betty was hospitalized with the brief illness, however contrary to certain news reports, didn’t suffer any stroke, confirmed Greg Willard, Fords’ longtime lawyer. “I would like to express my gratitude & thanks of Ford family for outpouring of the sympathy that we have received from across the world. It has been, very frankly, heartwarming and beyond any measure,” Willard declared during the afternoon news conference. Life of the former Lady Betty Ford illness was not released, as well as no family members also attended any news conference.  She was a very dedicated person to a cause and she always fought for it and this made her very popular.…