Dentist for children

Children need professionals who know how to understand them, a special treatment and a pleasant atmosphere during their visit to the dentist. Because your children are special patients, and for you, they are the most important thing, in we have a dentist service for children, with professionals who know the singularities of pediatric dentistry and who will give them all the attention they need. At our youngest patients will find a team of dentists capable of maintaining the communication appropriate to their age and offering them the treatment they need from their arrival at the clinic.

The pediatric dentistry is the specialty responsible for managing the dental health of children and adolescents. At this stage, we can prevent and diagnose early any pathology or alteration at the level of teeth, gums or malocclusions (of bite) existing in the development of each child and correct them in time. It should be kept in mind how important the first visit to the dentist. According to this experience, it will be his attitude towards later attention, even when adult. For this reason, it is important to visit the pediatric dentist as early as possible, so that if there is damage, it will be detected when it is beginning, making the sessions shorter and less invasive. Our pediatric dentists are specialists in the treatment and prevention of any type of oral or dental problem in children from 0 to 14 years old:

Dental hygiene and prevention of dental problems in children:

  • Fillings and tooth decay
  • Removal of pieces and placement of space maintainers to preserve the space needed for the final tooth
  • Pulpotomy in children: specific treatment performed on milk teeth in cases of deep caries that have affected the dental nerve
  • Restoration of dental pieces that show fissures as a result of trauma
  • Sealing of fissures in the dental enamel for the prevention of caries in the temporary teeth
  • Treatment of oral problems in the organs and the articulation of the mouth
  • In our facilities we have the possibility to perform all these treatments under conscious sedation, a method widely used in dentistry to promote collaboration and tranquility of the children.

Dentist for children with special needs

If already a child needs a dentist capable of understanding and dealing with him, this need becomes more evident in the case of children with chronic diseases, developmental disorders or mental or intellectual disabilities, more likely to suffer anxiety if their Visiting the dentist becomes an unpleasant experience. The health of your child is the most important thing, and in we know how to take care of it. You can contact us for any questions you may have, we will advise you without obligation.


Regarding the first visit to the dentist, the advice is around the age of 3, however, taking into account that many children already have cavities when they begin their school years, the council has changed to do this visits six months after the appearance of the first teeth and no later than twelve months of life. Technology surpasses the expectations of professionals and patients every day. The dental laser is the technology that made possible the dream that many of us have had. Be cared for without anesthesia and without the annoying noise of the strawberry. If your children have oral health problems do not submit them to traumatic treatments, come and know our system of elimination of caries are dental lasers and in just one session recovers the health of your teeth.