Getting Treated at Westwood

At Westwood, we are dedicated to ensuring that you take pride in your smile. Dr Lisa Gao and her team are constantly working round the clock so that you get the best possible treatment Orthodontics has to offer. Depending on your medical history and personal preferences, Dr. Lisa will come up with the best possible treatment plan for you just Visit Our Office.

Metal Braces: Metal braces are the most common type of braces available today and they are generally made of stainless. Braces consist primarily of brackets and wires and the brackets are bonded to the outer surface of the teeth with wires connecting them together. Elastic ties are selected at each appointed to for mobility of the braces. However, some braces are self-ligating. Self-ligating braces make use of a permanently installed, moveable clip to help the arch wires that guide the teeth into their perfect places.

Clear Braces: Clear braces are a less common variant of braces made of ceramic. Due to cosmetic concerns, they are becoming preferred over traditional metal braces because they are less visible on the teeth. Because they are bigger and more brittle than metal braces. Ceramic braces require more attention, you can come and Visit Our Office.

Invisalign: Invisaligns are the future of orthodontics and just like traditional metal braces; invisaligns are used to fix the problem of crookedness, overcrowding and overbites with teeth. However, unlike the very conspicuous braces, invisaligns were designed to not be seen hence, the name. They consist of clear plastic trays that are specifically 3D printed for your teeth. With invisaligns, oral hygiene is less of a concern since they can be easily removed and replaced. They are slowly becoming a more common choice for patients who have now realized that they do not have to walk around with visible braces all day.

Other Orthodontic Appliances
Irrespective of the treatment option you may have opted for, certain appliances may still have to be used as well. Some of the most common ones include.

RPE: Rapid palatal expander is used in the correction of any cross bites amid the upper teeth and the lower teeth. They are often used on kid to widen the palatal and make it match with the bottom teeth. This is well known procedure known by all. Though a little expensive, this should be done if suggested.

Elastics (rubber bands): They can be used during either braces or Invisalign treatment, just Visit Our Office for more details. They can be removed and replaced and they help with correction and coordination of the teeth and then you will feel much better and gain lots of confidence after the treatment.

Retainers: Retainers are one of the crucial parts of any treatment. After treatment is complete and all defects resolved, they are used to hold the teeth in position to prevent relapse. Whatever treatment option you may have decided on, it is only as effective as your orthodontist. So visit us at Westwood clinic today.