Fun things to buy that will make people amazed

There are many fun things to buy that you can enjoy or the entire family can be happy with it. Some examples are the following:

  • Baby champagne Flute: this is dishwasher safe, it and it has a silicone teat. It is 21cm in its height and it has tested to be safe.
  • Chinese Take Out Earrings: they are handcrafted and they use strongest polymer at the market. You can take out these boxes or Chinese food that are sealed with a glaze and a sealer to offer more protection. It is hypoallergenic and it has nickel free earring hook and it is great for sensitive ears.
  • Emoji balloons will bring the laugh to your next party. You do not have to send just a text message but you can bring out the real thing. You can put on the cool shades and get ready to boogie all the six varieties of the emoji in the balloons.
  • Portable Pizza Pouch is not hard to think about a bagel bites when it comes to describe a portable pizza pouch, you can have your pizza with you in the evening, at the suppertime or even in the morning.

  • Remote Control Trash Can: this is for you if you have messy friends. You can swoop in the remote controlled trash in order to save the floor against getting the mess.
  • Door Mats: you can give the visitors a laugh when they come to your home using the door mat and they will start to laugh at once.
  • Mount Fuji Tissue Box has enough tissue papers and it can be put in the apartment or in the house and it may look pretty.
  • Gun shaped Iphone Case: this is the time to fire off as you wish. The gun shaped case will protect the iphone from the collision and the scratches.
  • An ant watch: this is a watch that has 3 to 5 live ants and they can be carried at the wrist and it looks like a refillable watch. The watch has a vial that has 5 ants, water and food dropper, tweezers and an opening tool for its case with an easy care guide. If you want to add the ants into the farm, you may put the tube in a refrigerator for over 10 minutes and this will put these ants to go to sleep and then you can use a tweezers to catch them. The ants eat liquid sugar one to two times each month and they will live up to 5 months.
  • Hidden Tampon Flasks for Booze: if you want to celebrate for the hometown football game but you do not want to buy expensive booze in the stadium, you can then take the hidden tampon flask. It is not possible for the security to check your tampons and you will enjoy 1 ounce of the liquor for each tube.
  • The Butt Towel: you can get the right ass that you had always dreamed about using this Butt Towel. It is time to impress the bros and babes while at the beach with the perfect shaped ass and the towel is one of fun things to buy you can enjoy.

Betty Ford’s memorial reminds people many things

The life of Betty Ford was unique. As the first lady of the white house, she focused on seeing very many things change in her country. Unlike other people who wants their husbands to head the state, Betty did not want it. When it dawned on her that her husband was the president she set out to doing several things.

She advocated for very many changes in the government. One of the things Betty did was to advise her husband to appoint more women to his government. This brought in the aspect of gender equality which only few people had advocated for. Betty worked hard to bring the country together after several divisions that had been witnessed in the country.

Even though Betty and her husband were serving as political leaders, they saw the need of separating other activities from politics. This could help people distinguish politics from other serious issues in the country. Betty made sure that leadership matters were approached in the right manner so that no citizen would feel that politics had taken charge of everything. The Betty Ford memorial of Betty Ford reminds very many people on how Betty worked hard to fight against drug and substance abuse.

She was genuine especially when addressing several things. There were several people who differed with her ideologies but at least they appreciated that she was genuine with what she was saying. Betty was not too keen to make sure that her words do not bring negative political effects. She opted to do this because of her concern for being genuine.

The way she addressed other social issues in the society also speaks of how genuine she was. She tried to approach them in a unique way which people could differ with. This sets brings her out as a unique woman among many women across the world. Private Betty Ford memorial was held on Tuesday at Palm Desert the former First Lady Carter also was among people delivering eulogies for wife of nation’s 38th president.

The private memorial for the former Lady Betty Ford was held at Palm Desert, with the eulogy being delivered by the former Lady Rosalynn as laid to rest with her husband,. Betty Ford, actually died of the natural causes, and surrounded by the family members in Eisenhower Medical Center at Rancho Mirage. Betty was hospitalized with the brief illness, however contrary to certain news reports, didn’t suffer any stroke, confirmed Greg Willard, Fords’ longtime lawyer. “I would like to express my gratitude & thanks of Ford family for outpouring of the sympathy that we have received from across the world. It has been, very frankly, heartwarming and beyond any measure,” Willard declared during the afternoon news conference. Life of the former Lady Betty Ford illness was not released, as well as no family members also attended any news conference.  She was a very dedicated person to a cause and she always fought for it and this made her very popular.…


Betty Ford Memorial and substance abuse

There are various Betty Ford memorial which are being hosted for different people. These people are remembered for the great things they did while they were alive. Some of the things she stressed on include the following:

Effects of drug abuse

She argued out that substance abuse has several side effects to those people who are using these substances. These effects range from social, economic and even political. Those people who are addicted to abusing some of the substances tend to spend large sums of money on purchasing these substances. They might not be able to do without such substances. She also advocated for peace between the government and the opposition. This was aimed at seeing a peaceful environment in the country.

Those people who abuse substances take part in many social ills.  This has greatly damaged their relationship with other people. Betty’s emphasize for people to shun away from drug abuse was aimed at mending their relationships and saving their economic status.

Proper use of substances

An abuse takes place when an individual misuses a substance. This substance could either be for medicinal purposes or for any other purpose. This meant that people should stop taking an overdose, taking an under dose and abusing other drugs.

Betty will be remembered for her firm stand against misuse of drugs. She insisted that proper use of these substances will yield several fruits to an individual. According to Betty, adhering to the right prescription was an important part when using drugs.

Those people who organize for Betty Ford memorial should therefore use this opportunity to educate people on why avoiding abuse of drugs and other substances is important. The importance of this will be realized from an individual level, society and country. When people stop abusing substances their living standards will also rise. She is well known all over the world for Betty Ford Center at Rancho Mirage, the treatment center for the alcohol and the chemical dependency, which she founded just after overcoming from her own addiction from painkillers. Weeks after Betty became the First Lady, she then underwent mastectomy for the breast cancer at September, 1974, just after being diagnosed with disease. Ford then decided to stay open about illness because “There was a lot of cover-up during the Watergate, which we wanted to make sure, that there will no cover-up at Ford administration.” Betty openness about cancer as well as treatment raised visibility of the disease that all Americans had been a bit reluctant to speak about. She always wanted to work for some cause and make people aware of the disease and its condition. She was a strong women and that made her very popular, and also she was ready to help people in every way. This fighting for a cause made her very popular and this was an important thing in her life.

As a wife of Gerald R. Betty Ford, nation’s 38th president, Ford was the outspoken advocate for the women’s rights & health.