Properties of organic Essiac tea

Are you looking for a natural ingredient that can help you deal with cancer? The known treatment for cancer has devastating side effects, and it would be great if there is something simple that can help one deal with them, right? In that sense, we have organic essiac tea, which has incredible healing properties that can be beneficial for cancer patients. Would you like to know more? Go ahead and read this post. Nowadays, people are now heading towards the medicinal plants and are making use of them for their recovery. Yes! They work!

Essiac tea and cancer – A general overview:

When we talk about cancer, the immediate herb that can be useful in this regard is organic essiac tea and Essence is mixtures of herbal teas that have been used as treatments for cancer (1). The name may sound unfamiliar to most of us, but it is a formula recognized for the treatment of cancer. Essiac tea has been considered as a proven method of curing cancer. Before proceeding to analyze its effectiveness in cancer treatment, let us know more about this formula.

The powerful antioxidant regenerates tissues, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body through the blood and lymph, cleansing the glands, liver, gallbladder, and kidneys, increases the energy level and good mood helps in the low health processes of any kind: tumor, degenerative, chronic and mild. Eliminates fats, parasites, toxins and heavy metals from the body, strengthens and regenerates tissues, decongests, regulates cholesterol and sugar, regenerates the liver, calms pain. It can increase appetite, be diuretic and laxative.

Benefits of organic essiac tea:

  1. Prevents the creation of adipose deposits in arterial walls, heart, kidneys, and liver (cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight).
  2. Regulates cholesterol levels since it transforms sugar and fats into energy (cholesterol, diabetes).
  3. Destroys the parasites of the digestive system and the rest of the body (constipation, infections).
  4. Counteract the effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning (detoxifies and purifies).
  5. Strengthens and tightens the muscles, organs, and tissues.
  6. It makes bones and connective ligaments, lungs, and membranes strong and flexible so that they are less vulnerable to stress and their havoc (osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, fatigue, little flexibility).
  7. Nourishes and stimulates the brain and nervous system (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, lack of memory, sleep).
  8. Promotes the absorption of fluids in tissues (edema, inflammation, infections, poor circulation).
  9. Organic essiac tea removes toxic accumulations in the fat, lymph, bone marrow, bladder and alimentary ducts (toxins, metals, residues of the organism itself).
  10. Neutralizes acids, absorbs and eliminates toxins in the intestines (detoxification, ulcer).
  11. Clean the respiratory channels dissolving and expelling the mucus (flu, angina, pharyngitis).
  12. Free the liver from its toxic load, turning fat toxins into water-soluble substances, which can thus be easily eliminated by the kidneys (liver cleansing, living healthy).
  13. Assists the liver in the production of lecithin, which is part of the myelin sheath, a white-colored lipoprotein that surrounds the nerve fibers (Alzheimer’s, nervous and mental diseases).
  14. Reduces and eliminates deposits of heavy metals in the tissues
  15. (Those that surround the joints, especially) to reduce inflammation and stiffness (arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout)
  16. Improves the function of the pancreas and spleen by increasing the effectiveness of insulin (diabetes).

How is organic essiac tea?

Many say that the proper way to use Essiac is to drink freshly made tea, one to three times a day and on an empty stomach. Essiac is available in the liquid formula, in a mixture of herbs to make tea or in capsules. Supposedly, Caisse had different variations of the recipe to treat different forms of cancer. Some versions of Essiac contain other ingredients besides the original 4. The added ingredients, supposedly improve the effectiveness of the product and taste. Those in favor of Essiac suggest its use only if it is made in small quantities with ingredients as fresh as possible. They also do not agree with the use of capsules, pills or tea bags to take Essiac.

Organic Essiac tea:

Many claims that Essiac strengthens the immune system, improve appetite, reduce pain and improve the quality of life. It is also said to shrink tumors and prolong the life of people with cancer.

The effect on people:

All statements that Essiac can help HIV positive people come from a chiropractor, Gary Glum. In 1988 he wrote the book “Call of an Angel” (Calling of an Angel), which is the biography of Rene Caisse. Glum claims to have treated several patients with AIDS and with good results. No study has been published. Keep in mind that the interactions between herbs and medicines have not been analyzed. Tell your healthcare provider if you are using an herbal supplement.

Organic Essiac tea treatments:

There are testimonies from cancer patients that affirm their benefits but there are no scientific studies. In 1978 Resperin received authorization from the Canadian government to study Essiac in humans. This permit was revoked four years later when the company did not do the studies it should. The Canadian government does not consider Essiac as an effective way to treat cancer.

There are no studies in HIV positive people. On the other hand, laboratory studies of the herbs included in Essiac appear to have anti-tumorigenic effects. It is necessary to do well-designed studies.


Essiac is a tea that was originally made with four herbs. It was developed by a Canadian nurse in 1922, which used it to treat patients with cancer. It is said to stimulate the immune system, which decreases pain and shrinks tumors. Although there are personal claims about its benefits, there is not enough scientific information to support its use. It seems to be a safe product. It is available in several forms, depending on the recipe and the manufacturers. The prices vary considerably. Make sure you get a complete list of ingredients.

Look no further and buy this organic essiac tea, as there are coutless benefits of this.…


The truth – Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty

Nobody likes pests invading your business or home; pest control is a basic service of environmental hygiene. The presence of rats, cockroaches or flies is a threat to health and can cause serious economic losses. Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty has been providing expert pest control services for more than 30 years in Sydney. We base it on experts based on concrete data. Are you aware of the risks to your business the presence of pests? Can you identify the danger signs of a potential infestation? Do you know what steps you need to take to remedy the problem? Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty and will help you.

Sydney pest control carries out a program of control and specific monitoring of the problem and typology of the different pests adapting to each client, detecting them before they become a danger for the establishment, with the aim of preventing and correcting whenever necessary. And most important of all, if there is any indication of the presence of pests, you need help. This help can be obtained from a professional pest control company like ours. Remember, pests contaminate food, work surfaces, and equipment. They are dirty and are carriers of germs that cause diseases. Neither the Law nor its clients will tolerate the presence of pests. The reputation of your business, which costs so many years to establish, can be destroyed overnight. It’s your business, your profession, your livelihood. Do not let the plagues destroy it.

Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty as we have a team of trained professionals with experience in the control of specialized pests. It is advisable to pay attention to the cabinets and in wet areas, while maintaining proper cleaning and hygiene in them, also watching, do not leave food remains in areas where they are handled. It is also advisable to make a seal of all cracks or holes that we can find inside our house and that may be using the moths to access our facilities. Not all pests are treated in the same way, in order to perform a good job of prevention and control of pests it is necessary to know in depth the biology and behavior of the different pests as well as to have sufficient technical resources. In recent years, professional products to combat pests have evolved remarkably, becoming more and more safe and effective, but the real effectiveness lies in the technician who applies it, that’s why Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty.

Pest Treatment

The dangers posed by the presence of pests in establishments and food industries are of two types:

  • Microbiological: rats, cockroaches, fly, etc. They can act as vectors of bacteria or other pathogenic microorganisms, causing food toxin infections.
  • Chemicals: the active substances used can generate toxic residues in food.

The Three D of Pest Control that we implement for the food sector are:


Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty and eliminate plus prevent insect pests in food industries, schools, soup kitchens, bars and restaurants, using chemical or physical measures adapted to each case and suitable for the food industry. The disinsection service includes the elimination of cockroaches, ants, bugs, spiders, ticks, fleas, wasps, flies, mosquitoes … and their subsequent maintenance to prevent new pests.

Designation methods: Applications in the form of the insecticidal gel, thermospray, nebulization, directed spray, physical entrapment by means of glue traps for insects, crawling and flying. Its goal is to eliminate or prevent pests of rodents such as rats and mice by both physical and chemical means. To achieve this, basic sanitation measures will be used to reduce the possibilities of shelter and food for these rodents, and placement and baits with a bitter substance to prevent consumption by animals and humans, and their subsequent removal. Rodents are responsible for the spread of different diseases, so it is very important to eradicate them in the spaces where food products are stored or handled, both for packaging, food industry, and logistics warehouses, and for direct consumption, restoration or collective dining rooms, among others.

Deratting methods: rodenticidal baits, mechanical traps, spring traps and glue traps.


Disinfection is a treatment that is carried out when bacteria, viruses, fungi or yeasts are detected in the facilities, and its objective is to detect the source of contamination to implement hygienic and structural measures to prevent reinfestation. At the end of the disinfection, a check of the effect achieved after the application of the measures must be made to confirm that the desired tolerance rates have been recovered.

Disinfection methods: Physical methods such as boiling, pasteurization, and ironing, or Chemical methods such as disinfectants, sterilization. Its application can use directed spray, thermospray, and nebulization.


The steps that we recommend you to follow and we propose you from Ifyda Consultores when carrying out and implementing a Pest Control Plan are:

  1. Make an initial diagnosis: It will serve as a basis to define the Pest Control Plan, the activities to be carried out and the steps necessary to implement an effective system.
  2. Documents to be developed: A document must be prepared that will serve as a basis and will establish the guidelines of the organization regarding the control of Plague
  3. Planning of the Pest Control Plan: This System must be planned to identify potential hazards, communicate them and periodically evaluate the pest control system.

Peter and the team will treat it and give you a warranty and also Sydney pest control assigns a specialized technician in pest control, who carries out the DDD treatment with the maximum guarantee, efficiency, and professionalism. At all times we accompany the quality technician of your company and advice on the pest control requirements of the annual certification. The services offered are Disinfection – Deratization – Disinsection. They are known as Three DDD.…


Get to the best eye hospital

Ophthalmology is the medical-surgical specialty that is related to the diagnosis and treatment of defects and diseases of the eyes. The study of these is approached from anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Ophthalmology can be defined as the medical-surgical specialty dedicated to preserving, restoring, and rehabilitating and promoting the health of the organ of vision and the structures related to it in the general context of the human being and its relationship with the environment. Therefore, it deals with all the knowledge regarding the visual apparatus and its diseases. Visit for further info.

In addition, the continuous growth in the knowledge and technological complexity of the specialty gives rise in turn to the subspecialties, which can be defined as areas of specific and exclusive competence within the specialty. This fact is especially evident in Ophthalmology, due to the impressive development achieved in recent years in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, in exploration methods and surgical procedures, which has greatly increased the instrumental complexity of the specialty, forcing the almost exclusive dedication of the ophthalmologist to a specific plot of Ophthalmology. In this way subspecialized experts emerge in the different areas of knowledge of Ophthalmology: anterior and posterior segment, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, strabismus, oculoplastic and orbit, etc.

However, this clear delimitation and identity of the Ophthalmology do not mean that there are no close relations with the General Medicine and the rest of the medical specialties. On the contrary, the great wealth in ocular manifestations of systemic diseases establishes important links of communication and collaboration with other specialties. At, we have a magnificent reputation obtained in the last 20 years, in which we have been growing in professionalism and incorporating the most advanced technology in this specialty. It is worth mentioning that we were pioneers in India when introducing ultrasonic technology to operate the cataract through a small incision and only with topical anesthesia. Currently, we have returned to being pioneers by incorporating the laser, which gives greater security and precision to the intervention.

As aforementioned that at , we are the best eye hospital in India where more children with eye problems are visited. Our specialists have a great career and, therefore, a great experience in the diagnosis of the most complex vision problems, but also the routine ones.

The people at were also pioneers in the 90s with the incorporation of the LASIK technique for the correction of refractive defects with the Excimer laser. By joining the Femtosecond INTRALASE technology with the Excimer technology, and thanks to the FEMTOLASIK technique, we obtain better results to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The FEMTOLASIK XTRA has recently joined the modern techniques that allow strengthening the cornea in some more complex cases.

Safety and precision are the outstanding characteristics of this technique. Regarding Ocular Aesthetic Surgery, our services serve all those who are in India or visit India for their ophthalmologic solutions.

To have the CO2 ActiveFX laser to perform aesthetic surgical treatments on droopy eyelids due to excess skin, eliminate prominent bags in lower eyelids, small wrinkles or spots in the environment eye through the RESURFACING. The specialists offer an integral service, able to face with absolute solvency any clinical or surgical ocular pathology. render services for;

  • Retina
  • Glaucoma
  • Oculoplasty
  • Ocular surface
  • Squint
  • Optometry
  • Nevertheless, we offer;
  • Amblyopia (gradual or vagus eye)

Despite correcting vision with glasses, the child with amblyopia does not achieve normal visual acuity. We have a specific unit of diagnostic and treatment tests.


We teach eye exercises that aim to reinforce ocular convergence to treat disorders such as convergence insufficiency or certain heterophoria.

Strabismus (cross-eyed eye)

Ophthalmologists and optometrists collaborate to detect the deviation. Some cases are corrected with glasses, others with surgery and Botox injections in the muscle that moves the eye.

Lacrimal and palpebral problems

We treat lacrimation by obstruction of the congenital lacrimal duct, congenital ptosis (low eyelid that occludes the eye) and chalazion. We apply techniques of different complexity.


Rare eye diseases

Ophthalmologists, geneticists, and other specialists collaborate in pathologies such as retinal dystrophy, Lowe’s disease, Prader Willi syndrome or neurofibromatosis.


Diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment in the environment of a multidisciplinary unit, are the only national reference center in this disease.

Pediatric cataract surgery

We treat, diagnose and operate this disease, even in children under 2 years of age. We have ophthalmologists and expert surgeons since the management is different from the adult.

Congenital glaucoma

We are a national reference center in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric glaucoma, both primary forms and those associated with other pathologies.

Corneal diseases

We treat all kinds of corneal problems. We have extensive experience in corneal transplants to treat corneal opacities, and in crosslinking for keratoconus.

Retinopathy of prematurity

We have a contact retinograph (Ret Cam), the only one suitable for examining the fundus of prematurity. We treat with the laser, anti-angiogenic injection, and surgery.


We treat and diagnose this disease that affects the uvea. We collaborate with specialists in Rheumatology since this disorder can be due to juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Vitreoretinal surgery

We have a team of 2 pediatric retinologists specialized in retinal and choroidal diseases, as well as in children’s vitrectomy.

Ocular and orbital plastic surgery

We reconstruct the cavity of the eye affected by ocular cancer or other reasons. We are also specialists in eyelid malformation surgery and children’s eye prostheses.

Ocular oncology

Ophthalmologists and oncologists collaborate in the multidisciplinary unit of retinoblastoma and orbital tumors. We treat cancer patients who also suffer from eye diseases.


We treat this disease that involves a small eye size. An ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon collaborate to diagnose and treat with the appropriate techniques each case.

Neuro-ophthalmology and psychophthalmology

A multidisciplinary team deals with diseases of the optic nerve. We evaluate the vision of children with neurological and psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia or ADHD.

Low vision and child rehabilitation

We contemplate low vision from the perspective of the child. We recommend solutions


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Are you looking for something fast and reliable locksmith services in the north? If yes then we are there to serve you at the maximum. We are formed by a great team of professional locksmiths that are specialized in all kinds of jobs in the sector. Approaching us has many benefits, like we render an immediate service that is authentic. We offer the most best prices in town, and despite of the most cheapest rates, we proffer the best work so far.

There are many people looking for the best locksmith services and we are happy to announce that we have locksmiths that are specialists in the repair and installation of all types of locks and security systems for homes, premises, buildings, communities, warehouses and on any surface: iron, wood, aluminum, glass, etc. Overlapping locks, mortise locks, security locks, bar locks, high security, anti-lever, anti-drill, anti-lock, with a key of gorges, dots, tubular, serrate, double shovel, mailboxes, of suitcases, briefcases, motorcycles, cars, etc.

If you are interested in any repairs, then we offer seriousness and efficiency in the provision of the service of the locksmith. we know that you can always have questions about the work of the locksmiths since it is a sector in which they are not experts, but we are, for this reason, we want you to feel calm and we have no doubt about how we do our job, what it consists of or any other questions that you may have. We have adequate market prices. Maybe you have heard someone say, I am looking for economic service because here we perform a quality service at a price of true quality.

Willing to meet your expectations already that we are a team composed of qualified personnel. We have the best market prices, all without counting; we are true professionals in devices automatic opening. We currently provide all the users with the most modern technology, obtaining a response in a short time and without the need for you to move from your home or wherever you are, because just by being on the Internet and contacting us, we can advise you and Send your budget with just send us a picture of the problem. The problem is solved without complications are we solve your question of the fast and reliable locksmith services in the north. We guarantee a service adapted to your needs quickly and efficiently.

We have the highly qualified personnel to carry out the work, among its strengths is to identify the various types of safety locks, assemble and disassemble cylinders, assemble and disassemble various models, cut them without machines and methods to turn cylinders when using lockpicks. We also have the most sophisticated locksmith tools and the technical preparation necessary to solve any problem you have in security situations. Never think of trying to do the work yourself, if you do not know about it. Do not worry! Our staff will do the job without damaging any component so that it continues to work in the most optimal way. Perhaps you are wondering what the key lock consists of, it consists of a planned closure system, which has the purpose of programming the accesses to a place in an orderly manner.

Maybe you’re interested in this! The master keys as such do not exist, a locksmith can make some which can open a number of locks, and that is, if I have 8 or 10 padlocks of the same type you can make a master key that opens the 8 or 10 systems without limitation some keeping each lock open its staff. Here at us, we have the staff willing to carry out this special work at very low cost. We make changes in the systems, change the pins of the cylinder where the key is inserted, thus giving the change of any that could no longer open it.

We are master locksmiths; we know all the locks on the market. Among other locksmith services we offer:

  • Fast and reliable locksmith services in the north
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  • Change, installation, and repair of all locks and bulbs of all brands in the market.
  • Door masters

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We also have the most qualified professionals to do the necessary and periodic maintenance that your doors require, based on the safety and economy of your finances; you do preventive maintenance with the purpose that in the future you do not have to disburse money for not doing it on time. We render a special service before emergencies and with work done quickly so that you as a client feel safe and comfortable with our work that is fast and reliable locksmith services in the north. Maybe you are not clear or confused as to what you know as a bolt, by way of information this is nothing more than the complete mechanism which is sawed when we push the triangular internal part and that serves as an anchor, the lock with the piece they make a unique combination and that’s where the key applies. The most important pieces are: slip, and bolts, handles, knobs In addition to all this, we want to inform you that we consider ourselves a company …


Know the amazing Benefits of Braces

Have you been living with a dental issue such as yellowing teeth, crooked teeth or a chipped tooth? Though such dental issues may seem unimportant and negligible, these issues may actually be affecting your appearance and self-confidence and over all dental health. A small fix can make a big difference. Many people in the world have crooked teeth which is also known as malocclusion. Malocclusions nowadays is widespread and according to the American Association of Orthodontists nearly 80 percent of Americans need orthodontic treatment. Crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, cross bite etc. are some of the common types of malocclusions. Crooked teeth do not only affect your periodontal (gum) health but it can also shatter your self- confidence because a perfect set of teeth is on everyone’s wish list.

Fortunately, modern orthodontics have come up with a number of cutting-edge solutions for crooked teeth. Woodhaven Orthodontics in Queens, New York is a premium orthodontist service provider that can fix all your dental problems. At Braces Queens we offer traditional metal braces that are the most popular, though we also provide a number of clear and aesthetic options as well like invisalign. Over the past few years invisalign has become a popular option for people who want to straighten their teeth yet keep them aesthetic without having the traditional braces showing off. The benefit of braces goes far beyond than just trying to improve the appearance. With straight and well organized teeth the functioning of teeth becomes more efficient and effective making us bite, chew or even speak better. Braces can also help inhibit future gum diseases and further damage to teeth. Braces give you straight teeth that are better spaced out with closed gaps that result in a more self-assured smile making you feel beautiful and confident. Braces greatly reduce any future discomfort or weakness in the teeth due to crooked or misaligned teeth.

Braces Queen makes sure to create a better version of yourself by improving about oral health and your appearance. Hence, with so many benefits of braces all different dental problems arising due to disorganized teeth can be eliminated. Woodhaven is always equipped and willing to provide excellent and proficient consultation and treatment if you are considering braces. Remember, braces are nothing to be embarrassed about and believe it or not but a quarter of the total population around one quarter of those with braces are adults. Braces can help improve your health and confidence if you’re a teenager or an old man.

Stop hiding your smile because of crooked teeth and contact our team of highly accomplished and qualified Dental Specialists. The dentists at Braces Queens are friendly and provide a comfortable atmosphere to the patients. As stated earlier braces have major dental health advantages that’s why they have become so prevalent in the world today. Suffering from the slow and gradual process of braces is not an appealing idea but by the end of the day braces transform your smile so do not risk your smile and health to save yourself from the inconvenience of wearing braces. Braces Queens will have you showing off your straight pearly whites in no time!…