Cleaning the environment at Connect Cleaners

In our homes, we often live with substances and environmental conditions that can affect the health of those who inhabit them. For example, a very common case is the development of allergies, sometimes caused by lack of hygiene, but others due to the materials of the objects and furniture that we have in our house, as well as the location of these, among other things. You may not be a person prone to having these kinds of problems, but the truth is that preventing certain conditions in different rooms will make these places healthier. That is why we will see the importance of cleaning the home for health.

If you feel that you can still do more for the environment, read on. We tend to weigh that buying an efficient fridge we already have all the work done, but responsible attitudes do not end there. You have filled your kitchen with efficient appliances. You put into practice all the tips to save light and effectively order the fridge. Do you still want to watch a little more for the environment? Ahead! There are still options for this. For example, cleaning at Connect Cleaners. We tend to opt mainly for chemical products that also harm the world we live in.

To use them excessively not at all recommended. The best news is organic products are the best alternative for them. There are two ways to clean your kitchen in an ecological way: with traditional remedies and with biological products, which can be purchased in specialized stores. Even if you do not know, in a corner of your kitchen you have two natural allies for cleaning: salt and vinegar. Salt has a very high disinfection power, and it is a more than safe remedy for these missions. Mixed with hot water, for example, the bathroom and kitchen sponges can be disinfected. Also, mixing half a cup of salt in a bucket of warm water we have the perfect water to clean the floor.

And we do not forget the baking! It is a product that has infinite possibilities, but normally we do not associate them with cleaning the home. Nothing happens, we take care of revealing everything that can be done with it. “We can clean aluminium, washing machines or bathrooms with bicarbonate,” even many of the things that are cleaned in office buildings are suitable for this natural cleaner, they say from a reputable cleaning company.

Connect Cleaners can all help

The vinegar stands in another natural solution for several corners of the house. Mixed with lemon juice can be used on certain furniture. A glass of white vinegar will serve to clean the microwave inside. You just have to turn it on empty and insert it when it takes ten minutes to wait for the program to end. The glass-ceramic can also be cleaned by mixing vinegar and lemon. And the induction plates with bicarbonate diluted in warm water. The bell is one of the appliances that you need the most. If it is not clean, it does not do its job well. Help yourself with a sponge with vinegar to clean it.

An ecological cleaning of our house is something within reach of anyone. Great efforts are not necessary, only awareness and is that every week or every day we clean our house one way or another.

Responsible consumption in household chores

There is a natural and responsible alternative to clean any corner of the house. The refrigerator can be cleaned with water and dishwashing detergent (you only use one product for everything, and it can also be biological) or with warm water and baking soda. Unless we are talking about a very specific material you can use a damp cloth with some soap. It is demonstrated that a responsible attitude is only a matter of making the decision. But if you have not yet convinced yourself of the possibility of cleaning your house while respecting the environment, take note of these tips that Greenpeace gives us (and that we will summarize):

  • Avoid chemicals like ammonia. And never throw that type of product down the drain.
  • Reuse old clothes to use as rags.
  • Saving is very important in all aspects. It is a dishwasher is a great tool, but if you wash your hand makes sure to lather all the dishes at once and do it with the water closed.
  • Cold wash as much as you can (wash or crockery).
  • Dry clothes in the sun and opt for ECO programs of appliances.
  • “Avoid using very aggressive cleaners that impede the biological processes of water purification,” they recommend.
  • If you have to buy packaged products it is better than they are returnable. Glass is always better than plastic.

What do Connect Cleaners do?

Allergies due to environmental factors

Each room has different environmental conditions, so there may be special measures for each case. In principle, we should know that cleaning the home is important to avoid allergies since many of the environmental factors are found inside the house: like dust, hair of our pets, mould and humidity. But everything gets more complicated if we even notice that certain cleaning products can cause allergies. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean the home, including sweeping the different surfaces. If you have a carpet, you should vacuum it, since the type of material usually contains particles of dust and hair from our pets. Opt for Connect Cleaners.

Carpets and upholstery

In relation to what Connect Cleaners mentioned before, it is very important to avoid the increase of dust on surfaces and materials that allow dust and mites to deposit. As far as possible, unnecessary elements can be dispensed with, since you will eliminate part of the cleaning work and the accumulation of dust will be less then. For example, you should avoid upholstery, carpets and opt for easy-to-wash surfaces. To effectively remove dust from floors and furniture, use a damp cloth, so you do not let the dust dissipate and invade the entire environment and settle in areas that you previously cleaned. Also, you should not forget to clean the mattresses.