Different websites where you can stream fitness videos is a blog developed by Eartha. It was meant to work as her own motivational resource which was to help her to keep up with eating right and exercising. After many years, she had conducted the interviews with different fitness professionals and she blogged about the topics that she is interested into. The blog is the outlet for the fitness downs and ups and the place where she can share things she learned.

When she reached 40 years old, the fitness outlook she had in mind changed since she is not looking to be glamorous any more. She just want to maintain a healthier and active life. She also wants to have a healthier body and soul. When you are happy inside, then the success will reach outside. She also distributes the Beachbody products which are found on her blog often. Through her motivations, she wants that other people can be motivated so that they can try out the fitness on their turn.

When you visit Trying.Fitness, you will be able to learn many things. One of these things is to know where you can stream fitness video. Everybody nowadays is the fan of streaming the video. They have different options when it comes to stream the entertaining like HBO Go, Amazon, Hulu and Netlfix. Before, it was easy to get fitness video on Netlix but this feature had stopped because of some licensing issues. This put people who like to work out in their home at a disadvantage. However, there are other alternatives of getting access to fitness videos. Some of these options are completely free and you get exercise video you like.

Youtube: you can use Youtube if you want to enjoy a quick workout. You can find different fitness channels and you can subscribe to them. You can find the channels of yoga, circuit training, weight training and cardio workouts.

Amazon: in case you have the Amazon Prime Membership, you can also get the Amazon Prime 30 day free trial. There are a good number of the workout videos available and you can stream them. They include Yoga, aerobics, Samba and Kickboxing.

GaimTV: this is the best source from someone who wants to do yoga. You can find the video on Dance, Pilates, Tai Chi, and meditation.

SteamFIT: it is a streaming fitness video under Men’s Health magazine. Even if it is inclined more towards men, some exercise are suited towards any person. The workout can be customized to the needs of someone.

Beachbody: the program includes P90, P90X with Les Mills Combat and others. You can find a good number of their fitness program. Before it was not possible to get access to them only online but now it is possible to subscribe online and to get the exercise you want on demand. It is possible to stream popular video such as Tai Cheng, Insanity, Hip Hop abs, Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire.

You can stream from these websites wherever you are as far as you have internet connection. If you want to learn more about other fitness websites and fitness program, then visit